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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Create eBooks the Easy Way

There are two simple things you can do to quickly and easily create eBooks. The first thing you can do is to acquire the rights to a bunch of articles that pertain to the the topic of your proposed eBook. Now before you start thinking that this is a prescription for plagiarism or worse, let me explain. When I say "acquire the rights to a bunch of articles," I'm talking about buying the right to use the articles however you want and to take credit for them. So there's no funny business involved. You're paying for the content. What you do next is organize the article content into chapters. Finally, you read through everything and make minor edits as needed to help everything flow together reasonably smoothly. Congratulations, you successfully created an eBook without having to do a bunch of writing.
Let's talk about the second thing you can do to create eBooks. This might surprise you, but there is software that you can buy that lets you speak into a computer microphone and have your words turned into text that appears on your computer. This means you can literally write your eBook without writing. You'll actually be speaking! This is an incredibly clever method of quickly generating the bulk of the content that will be contained within the pages of your eBook. That's not to say you won't have to do any editing or typing -- in truth you'll have to do a little bit of both.
Do you still think that creating an eBook will be a major headache? If you follow some of the advice outlined in this article, you'll be on your way to quickly and easily publishing eBook after eBook in numerous niche markets without having to do copious amounts of work. Because let's face it: for some of us, the thought of having to literally sit behind the computer and type every single word that will appear in a new eBook that we're creating sounds a bit daunting. Now you know it doesn't have to be.
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